Night Lovell : A Glimpse Inside Canadian Hip-Hop Scene.

If you are into underground rap music, or if gangster music is all you listen to, then you really must have heard of the name Night Lovell. Born in Ottawa, Canada in 1997, Shermar Paul burst into the underground scene in 2014.


When his single “Dark Light” went viral. Paul says he got the inspiration for his stage name from his father’s middle name – Lovell and his love for the night-time.

Night Lovell’s Career in Underground Hip-Hop.

Night Lovell has always been about quality and has stuck to his vision of underground rap. Throughout his career, something that is rare these days, and for that very thing. He has a lot of faithful supporters. 

A lot of rappers deviate from their vision and end up directionless. But not Lovell, he’s been true to his roots. His music and lyrics have won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. 

Having released three albums till date, Lovell is destined for the top if he really chooses to go for the top, but knowing how he operates, he’s more likely to stay “underground” and work amongst his circle. Night raps to have fun, he raps for banter, he raps because he knows he’s got the skill and the flow. 


He’s been having thousand strong concerts every time he goes out on tour. Night Lovell produces his own music and his videos go in line with his lyrics. He is a true artist and he very well knows his strengths and pairs his deep vocals with equally deep electronic beats. 

Night Lovell has released three albums till date: Concept Vague (December 30, 2014), Red Teenage Melody (June 14, 2016) and GOODNIGHT LOVELL (February 22, 2019).


In the few years of his career, Night Lovell already boasts a cult following that he has built up all around the globe. If he keeps the bass booming and his lyrics in tandem with the bass, Lovell definitely looks set to be the undisputed king of the underground rap industry.


Life from being an Underdog to RAP GOD: EMINEM


Police-Wala-Rapper, G-ONE. J&K Police Viral Rapper cop in Indian Hip-Hop scene.

Police-Wala-Rapper aka Jeevan Kumar became a sensation only in the matter of a few days. But who is this rapper cop? Where does he come from? We’ll answer many such questions in this article. Meanwhile, I hope all of you are staying safe amidst the ongoing coronavirus scare. 


Jeevan Kumar, who is better known as the Police-Wala-Rapper, became a nationwide sensation in only a matter of a few days. He is a policeman from Jammu serving in the J&K Police Force. His video where he’s rapping in a parked car became viral instantly, and people from all over the country showed their appreciation.

Many established rappers in the industry, including Raftaar, praised Jeevan. The video was also featured on one of the most popular news networks in the country, Republic TV.

Jeevan Kumar aka G-One.

Everyone knows who Police-Wala-Rapper is, but no one knows who Jeevan Kumar is. Like most of us, Jeevan Kumar had humble beginnings, born into a middle-class family but had dreams of touching the sky. Jeevan was engulfed into rap music.

How Police-Wala-Rapper Biggest Inspiration in Desi Hip-Hop.

Bohemia was the inspiration for him, just like many of the rappers from the Indian subcontinent. Jeevan used to sing Bohemia’s songs in front of his friends for recreational purposes. Then, he started writing his own songs. Years went by, he still used to rap, but he never thought that this hobby of his would ever amount to anything.


When he grew older, the pressure was mounting on him. He needed to be the bread earner of the family as the responsibility was now on his shoulders. It was in this backdrop he joined the Jammu and Kashmir, Police Force.

However, even after entering the police force, he didn’t give up on his passion. In the daytime, he used to work and serve the country, and in the night, he served his inner desires.


He was working hard, day by day to achieve his dream. He worked on three problems simultaneously; providing for his family, serving his country and rapping.


G-ONE aka Jeevan’s road to Success.

One day, his friends asked Jeevan to rap in the car. Jeevan, as usual, didn’t hesitate and rapped his heart out. The best thing that could happen was that someone would record him, and that is exactly what happened.

The video was shared on most social media platforms, and it soon spread like wildfire. In a couple of days, the video has hundreds of thousands of views, and Jeevan became the Police-Wala-Rapper overnight. Even the IGP of J&K Police shared his video on his social media handles. This was one of the proudest moments for Jeevan.

Police-Wala-Rapper | G-ONE | JORDAN | FREESTYLE.

Since then, Police Wala Rapper has won many hearts all over the country and he has released one more rap video.

G-One aka Police-Wala-Rapper.

Police-Wala-Rapper’s Tribute to Indian Army Soliders.

In the second video, Police-Wala-Rapper raps about the time when he was serving in Kashmir and the troubles he faced there. G-one found himself against his fellow countrymen and brothers who are misguided by the political leaders. Jeevan believes through his music; he can share the troubles that a cop faces in a state like Jammu and Kashmir.

Police-Wala-Rapper aka G-One tribute to the INDIAN ARMY.

Though his story might sound like a fairytale, but it was not always smooth sailing. He had to struggle and work his butt off to be where he is today. Police Wala Rapper aka Jeevan Kumar is a living example that nothing is impossible, you can achieve your dreams if you keep on working on them. We’ll be back with many mind boggling stories of people that are not so famous. Stay tuned.

G-ONE | POLICE-WALA-RAPPER | Official YouTube Channel. CLICK HERE!


Desi Hip-Hop’s 5 most popular tracks from the Indian Hip-Hop in 2020 so far.


The Genre Desi Hip-Hop has reached all over India. Rap acts as a weapon against all the odds of society. Desi rap is an art of expressing our everyday life through poetry. Hip-Hop artists have gained worldwide fanbase.

The style of rapping, lyricism, talent is unique from others. It is the fastest-growing music genre in India. Artists from the country like India, Pakistan, Nepal & Bangladesh are dropping hip-hop/rap songs like nukes. Indian Mainstream & Underground Hip-Hop is on the 2nd place in the world after American Hip-Hop.

Desi Hip-Hop Origin & top 5 songs in 2020. Have a glance.

Desi Hip-Hop has its roots from Oakland, California. Roger David aka BOHEMIA alongside the J Hind invented the genre Desi Rap in the early 2000s. The songs released at the beginning of the year 2020. The Indian Rap artist had a great impact on pushing the Desi Rap genre in the country.

DESI HIP-HOP-Top-5-tracks-2020
BOHEMIA the guy who invented Desi Hip-Hop.

This list is based on lyricism, music production, flow, fans opinion & many more. Top 5 Desi Hip-Hop/Rap song from the Indian Rap scene in the year 2020. Desi Hip-Hop’s top 5 songs in 2020. Have a glance.

Sikander Kahlon: Munda Shokeen.

Desi Hip-Hop/Rap song Munda Shokeen has premiered on Feb 20, 2020, on Desi Hip-Hop’s official YouTube Channel. The song was very much appreciated by Punjabi Rap fans. The song also gained quite good popularity overseas.

DESI HIP-HOP-Top-5-tracks-2020
Desi Hip-Hop | Munda Shokeen | Sikander Kahlon.

Sikander kahlon is the vocalist & Lyricist of the song. Kahlon is a lyrical genius & a versatile rapper from Mohali, Chandigarh. Shokeen is the Music producer of the song. Alejandro is the man behind the Mix/Mastering of the song. Gagan Randhawa was the man behind the camera. TJ Creations edited the video of Munda Shokeen. The song has 50k plus views and over 4.5k likes on Youtube.

DESI HIP-HOP-Top-5-tracks-2020
DESI Hip-Hop.

KRSNA: Untitled.

KRSNA’s song Untitled is the call-out diss against his rival rapper MUHFAAD. Untitled is one of the most-streamed diss-track in the Indian Hip-Hop Scene. Rapper from all over the Delhi has shared this jewel.

Krsna wrote the lyrics and sung the song by himself. Danson is the music producer and Deep Kalsi has Mixed & Mastered the track. Shubh verma is the man behind shooting & editing the video of the song.

DESI HIP-HOP-Top-5-tracks-2020
Desi Hip-Hop | KRSNA | Untitled.

“Untitled” has 2.6 Million views & 97k+ likes on YouTube. The audio of the song is available on every digital platform for streaming. Untitled video was officially launched on KALAMKAAR Music’s YouTube.

CHAMPION – Parichay ft. Pardhaan, Raga, Haji Springer & Ace aka Mumbai.

Desi Hip-Hop has a lot of followers overseas. Champion is written & performed by all of the above artists respectively. Parichay feat. Pardhaan, Raga, Haji Springer & Ace aka Mumbai.

DESI HIP-HOP-Top-5-tracks-2020
Desi Hip-Hop | CHAMPION.

The music video was released on sony music. Champion gained 1.3 Million views on YouTube. The video is available on the Sony Music official YouTube Channel.

RAFTAAR – Aage Chal.

Raftaar’s new song Aage Chal is a brand song in the Indian Hip-Hop scene. Kalamkaar & Mobil India came together in collaboration & created this masterpiece for the Desi Rap fans throughout the globe.

DESI HIP-HOP-Top-5-tracks-2020
Desi Hip-Hop | Raftaar | Aage Chal.

Aage chal is available on Raftaar’s official YouTube Channel. It has over 40 Million views & 511k likes on YouTube.

MUHFAAD – Dussehra.

Dussehra is another diss track on our top five list. Muhfaad has written and performed the song on his own, when it comes to the music production Muhfaad collaborated with Kartavya.

DESI HIP-HOP-Top-5-tracks-2020
Desi Hip-Hop | Dussehra | MUHFAAD.

Audio Cabin has shot the video. The song have more than 850k views and 72k+ likes on YouTube.

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Seedhe Maut, The Duo From Delhi Hip-Hop Scene.


Seedhe Maut means “straight Death” is a Rap crew from Delhi Hip-Hop. The duo is very much famous among the real Desi Hip-Hop heads. If you are one of a kind, It’s not a big deal you must have heard about them.

Seedhe Maut-Desi_Hip_Hop-DELHI_HIPHOP
SEEDHE MAUT’s Calm & Encore.

In recent years, Rap and Desi Hip-Hop have become increasingly popular. Underground Hip-Hop is gaining momentum in India.

SeedheMaut’s first step in the Indian Underground Hip-Hop.

SEEDHE MAUT is a Rap Duo From New Delhi. In the past few years, numerous rappers have sprung our, each with a unique style and persona.

The Internet is a wonderful tool for artists. Any talented person can showcase his talent to the world. The cheap availability of the internet is the primary reason for the widespread popularity of underground artists.

Seedhe Maut’s Introduction & Discography.

In the backdrop of all this, two young men from Delhi came together to form one of the most influential rap groups of India. These two people are Calm, and Encore ABJ and the group they formed goes by the name of Seedhe Maut.

Seedhe Maut-Desi_Hip_Hop-DELHI_HIPHOP
SEEDHE MAUT’s 2 ka Pahada.

Seedhe Maut, which roughly means “straight death” in English, is active in the rap culture since early 2015-16. The group released their first mixtape/EP named 2 Ka Pahada, which was an instant success. They followed it up with a full-length album called Bayaan. Apart from this, they have also released many singles like Shaktimaan and Seedhe Maut Anthem.

Seedhe Maut’s Collaborations.

They have frequently collaborated with Sez on the beat and released innumerable hits with him. Currently, the duo is signed by Azadi records, which is owned by Mo Joshi.


Their songs cover a wide variety of themes. The thing that differentiates them from others is that they use Hip-Hop to depict the everyday problems faced by the common man.

In only a couple of years, Duo has managed to garner the support of a loyal fan base that follows them around wherever they go. Their fans adore their style and the unique themes covered in their songs.

Seedhe Maut’s Early Life.

The two rappers from Encore and Calm, they both had humble beginnings. They both come from middle-class Indian families and faced constant societal pressure to succeed in academics.

Seedhe Maut-Desi_Hip_Hop-DELHI_HIPHOP
Seedhe Maut Official Logo.

Despite being good students in their school years, they always knew that their careers would not be built on their education. Hip-Hop was in their blood, and it was calling to them. After going to college, both of them started pursuing Hip-Hop rigorously.

Delhi Hip-Hop Underdogs.


Calm aka Siddhant Sharma is a son of 2 academicians; his parents are renowned Principals and comes from Rohini, Delhi. You can imagine the pressure he must’ve faced, to be the child of a principal.

Teachers expect their children to be smart, more so when they are such highly qualified teachers.

Schoolmates used to hate him as everyone believed his parents must do him favors when it comes to schooling. It was only when he joined college; he began pursuing his dreams.

Seedhe maut | Encore Abj.


Encore Abj aka Abhijay Negi hails from Mayur Vihar, Delhi, otherwise known as “Jamna Paar” and is an engineer by Degree. There was a time when his studies were suffering, and he had a pile of backlogs. It was becoming a struggle to manage both Desi Hip-Hop and academic life, but in the end, he managed to do it all. Now he is an established artist and an engineer.

Seedhe Maut-Desi_Hip_Hop-DELHI_HIPHOP

Both of these individuals faced a lot of hardships throughout their lives. They were bullied, they failed in their studies often, and they ended up disappointing a lot of people. But still, they did not give.

Seedhe Maut-Desi_Hip_Hop-DELHI_HIPHOP
Seedhe Maut Encore Abj & Calm

They did not let their dream die, and in the end, they achieved it. From failing in their academics to become a rap sensation, Seedhe Maut has come a long way.

This shows that conviction and hard-work can accomplish any task. You can also do the same. You just need to keep going towards your dream.

LISTEN TO THE NEW ALBUM ”BAYAAN” By Seedhe Maut on spotify


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BOHEMIA before Gully Boy. Desi Hip-Hop back in early 2000s.


BOHEMIA aka Roger David, this desi living in California was the first one to do it in a desi language. He moved to the bay with his family when he was just 15. Many times BOHEMIA had explained through the interviews, that how much difficulties he had to face as a desi teen in California.


Bohemia spent most of his childhood in Pakistan Karachi. His father was an officer in PIA. He was a Mumma’s boy in his childhood. He lost his mother due to cancer when he was just 16. The trauma of loss took him like a storm.

Bohemia’s affection toward poetry.

Bohemia had a special affection toward the Urdu, Hindi & Punjabi poetry. Mirza Ghalib was one of his favorites. He is a huge fan of Gurdas Maan & Kishor Kumar. His lyrics are very much inspired by them. while growing up in the bay area.

BOHEMIA was like a desi Ghetto on the streets of California. He was very much fond of the Hip-Hop culture. Bohemia had a habit of writing poetry in Urdu & Hindi. Later he decided to write a rap in his own native language for the desis. It was the time when the first official desi rap was written in the Punjabi Language by BOHEMIA.


Back then people also use to spend most of there time listening to classical music. Desi’s living in India & Pakistan was unaware of that there is some genre called Hip-Hop. Most of the Desis living in India as well as Pakistan had no Idea who was Tupac or who is Eminem.

BOHEMIA’s First Album “Vich Pardesan De”.

In 2000. BOHEMIA moved to hitch his cousin in Oakland, who was working on a project at a West Oakland studio. His brother introduced him to a hip-hop music producer called Sha One (Seth Agress). They both shared their thoughts & vibes which were quite similar. They made plans to make their own record label, which they subsequently called “The Outfit Entertainment”.

After Sha heard Bohemia reciting something he had written in Punjabi. He asked him to rap it over one of his beats. Over the subsequent few months, Bohemia wrote a library of lyrics. This would become the arsenal for his debut album Vich Pardesan De (In The Foreign Land) – an autobiographical story of his life as a Desi youngster adopting to the streets of America, which he and Sha One produced together.


Fact: Bohemia’s Vich pardesan de (up in the foreign lands) became the first album official launch in the Desi Hip-Hop scene. Every track on the album was written in a desi language(punjabi). It was the first desi rap album in the history of India & Pakistan rap scene. This gave the rise to the genre called Desi Hip-Hop.

BOHEMIA after Gully Boy.

We all have been watching a lot of buzz in our country after the release of the movie GULLY BOY. This movie has been inspiring many of the youngsters in the country. But if we go back it to time the Desi Hip-Hop scene in India has existed before Gully Boy. It was, it is & it will always be there and there is one who is the original creator i.e. BOHEMIA rest is all fake.


We respect all the Rappers in the desi hip-hop scene today. Whether they are from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh. Every single individual he/she who so ever is supporting the movement anyhow. He/She is a part of the Desi Hip-Hop culture. Bollywood has always kept the real creator of Desi Hip-Hop under the shadow. While BOHEMIA was the first one to make them aware of the word Desi Hip-Hop. Many Rapper will emerge in the scene everyday but there will never be another BOHEIMA. Movies will come, Bollywood can steal the money, fame & respect but they can’t erase the history from the real desi hip-hop heads.



Life from being an Underdog to RAP GOD: EMINEM

The 47-year-old EMINEM hitmaker. He was born as Marshall Bruce Mathers III in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Marshal spent most of his youth in the 8 Mile, Detroit city of Michigan. He started his journey with rap from the urban center. He suffered ‘discrimination’ because the solely human taking the stage at shows.


EMINEM would move constantly, meaning that he was constantly, being seen by his peer as the new kid in school. In short, he was an underdog story in the making from very early on. He has shared through interviews about being beaten up in bathrooms, in the hallways, shoved in lockers.

The Coma Trauma.

EMINEM was 9 when he got beaten up to such a degree, that he ended up in a coma for a week. Certainly not too surprising from who would become a vicious wordsmith widely known for attacking famous public figures. Considering that his dad moved away when he was very young.

EMINEM with his Dad.

Young Marshall Mathers had a crash course in standing up for himself & drawing strength from a personalized sense of righteousness. The best way that EMINEM found to do this was through rapping. This is what young EMINEM strove to do when confronted with constant bullying. He received all the while growing up in what were predominantly black low-income neighborhoods. He had done since the tender age of 4 & has continued to work hard on up until the present day. What we hear in raps is his time tested confidence from someone who does feel as though as he got something to say. He had worked hard to articulate what he wants to be carried across. He even claimes that he dropped out of high school because all he wanted to do was rap. So, it was far more than a hobby.

EMINEM knew that it was something he wanted to do for the rest of his foreseeable life. Rap was the new form of self-expression that actually brought him some respect in the social circle. It matured him before the eyes of other people his age. Eminem has become a hero of sorts for many young people, particularly in the lower class. Basically for those who feel that they aren’t being heard. They had to deal with the difficulties of growing up in a racist society.

EMINEM at the age of 16.

From Marshall Bruce Mathers III to EMINEM.

At the age of 17, he adopted the name, Eminem. It comes from the first letters of his first & last names. But he still had a very big problem. He couldn’t shake as far as his rapping ambitions went. The nearby hip-hop community refused to give him shots on account of the fairness of his skin tone.

EMINEM was forced to turn his talents towards becoming a battle rapper in the underground community. He uses to perform at all kinds of clubs & even local radio shows. By reinforcing an attitude that prevails to this day. He has to force his way through in order to receive recognition.


EMINEM’s New Album: Music to be murdered by SLIM SHADY is out now to stream it on Spotify. CLICK HERE

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KRSNA: Light beyond the light bulb|DESI HIP-HOP.


Krishna Kaul, popularly known as KRSNA, is a Lyricist and Rapper from New Delhi, India. KRSNA is active in the Desi Hip-Hop scene for the last 14 years. He was one of the few rappers who pioneered the Indian Hip-Hop scene in the mid-2000s. KRSNA’s birthplace was New Delhi, India. He has his roots from Kashmir, J&K (India) descent.


KRSNA’s early life & career.

He has done his graduation from Hansraj College affiliated to Delhi University. After completing his graduation, he moved to Mumbai to pursue a post-graduation course from St. Xavier’s College Mumbai. KRSNA currently signs to KALAMKAAR Music. The label co-owned by RAFTAAR.

KRSNA started rapping at the age of 14. He started releasing his music on his MySpace page in 2006. Within 2 years he managed to maintain a quite good reputation in the Desi Hip-Hop scene. Back then his stage name was Prozpekt. He came in a limelight after the release of his rap song titled “KAISA MERA DESH” in 2k10.


The song was trending on number #2 on YouTube India at that time. In 2013 he dropped another track named “VIJAY” in collaboration with the international organization Save the Youngsters.


After a bunch of releases as an underground rapper, Krishna changed his name from PROZPEKT to KRSNA. Later on, he signed a confidential deal with Universal Music India in 2013. In May 2k14 KRSNA dropped an album titled “SELLOUT”. The lead track on the album was “LAST NIGHT” It was trending at 5th spot on Vh1 Music India. He was the first Indian Rapper to do the five city album tour with a band.


The music video of the song SELLOUT was a fail; Because there were no funds on Universal Music for the promotions. Dull marketing practices were also another reason for the failure of the music video. As it was not able to make an impact on the audiences.

After that KRSNA was away from the Desi Hip-Hop scene for 2 years. KRSNA came back in 2016 after a long break from the rap scene. He released hardcore Hip-Hop Banger titled “VYANJAN”. The song was very much loved by the Hip-Hop Heads; KRSNA’s comeback was one of the biggest & best in the Indian Rap scene till today.


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Desi Hip-Hop: Rappers in the Chandigarh Hip-Hop Scene.


Chandigarh is one of the first cities in India, Where Desi Hip-Hop’s moment was started in the Mid 2000s. Many youngsters from the city decided to take the steps that play a very crucial role in shaping up the future of the Desi Hip-Hop scene in the country.

The city has given us some of the greatest & talented rappers, who have been working every single day and night to maintain there reputation & legacy in the Desi Hip-HopHip scene since day one. :

Desi Hip-Hop: The rise of D Beam.

Desi Beam aka D-BEAM is one of the oldest crew in the Desi Hip-Hop scene. They have been active in the game since 2008 till the day. D-Beam has always been a cup of tea for a real rap head. The crew came in limelight after releasing there first rap song ”Main Haan Desi” including all five members of the crew. The song was very much praised by the rap fans as it was something new for them. Back then most of the youth were unaware of the genre (desi hip-hop). It was very much tough for people from the city to understand the genre of the song, most of the people use to compare it with the new age pop music.

Main Haan Desi was also featured on 9x Music, it uplifted the careers of the crew members as they earned a quite good reputation in the Desi Hip-Hop scene. The song is one of the major old school rap anthems which still has its own separate fanbase.


Member of the D-Beam family.


This guy is half Punjabi and half Bengali, was born, raised & brought up in Chandigarh, he is currently active in the desi hip-hop scene. MOJO is hardcore and fluent rapper in the scene. He raps in English as well as Punjabi; Last month he dropped an amazing hip-hop song titled ”Feel Like That” on D-Beam’s official YouTube Channel ”Desi Beam Music”………

G Freaky

G freaky is the Director, Editor as well as Video Grapher of the crew. He is also a freelance and a rapper too. He owns a Videography studio which is known by the name of the Ill heaven Productions.

Da Parv

Da Parv- He is the Music producer and the Dee Jay, he has done a lot of music production for the crew and has always been loyal to the crew as well as the desi hip-hop scene. he is one of the oldest and well-known music Producers in the Desi Hip-Hop scene.


Pardhaan- The only Haryanvi rapper in the Desi Hip-Hop scene. He is the Pioneer of Haryanvi rap scene in Haryana & all over India, he is from Karnal and former member of the Desi Beam. Pardhaan is now independently active in the Underground as well as the mainstream desi hip-hop scene. He is a great lyricist, no one can beat him in wordplay. Bhand hai, Haryana roadways. power peg are some of his greatest hits



Yung Honey aka GURU: he was the former member of the D-Beam, has been inactive in the desi hip-hop scene since 2015. His last song was ”Northside” feat. Desi Beam in which he talked about why he left raping


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D-BEAM’s YouTube Channel link Click here



It was all started at the end of year 2k19 when an underground hip hop artist Gaurav Pal popularly know as ”MUHFAAD” dropped one of his most-streamed tracks on his YouTube Channel, “Be a MUHFAAD“. Since the day the young rapper from New Delhi has been in a limelight till the day.

Muhfaad Song “Happy Diwala Ravaan”

MUHFAAD‘s song ”Happy Diwala Ravaan” is one of the most controversial songs in the Desi Hip-hop scene in which Gaurav have subliminally dissed some of the big names in the UNDERGROUND rap as well as the MAINSTREAM HIP HOP scene. The Ravaan in the title of the song is a reference to the RAFTAAR as an insult to him. Through this song, Gaurav has expressed his anger and aggression towards the Mainstream Rapper RAFTAAR, One of the verses of the song in which Gaurav writes about how he has been betrayed by one of his Idols.


According to him (Muhfaad), Raftaar has been giving him fake hopes all the time, in another line, he wrote about how he had been used by the Rapper when he had nobody else, he also shared that why he wasn’t able to be at MTV HUSTLE as the Guest Judge in an interview with the Raaj Jones which is available on the Raaj Jone’s YouTube Channel. In the interview, MUHFAAD talks about how Raftaar ignored his calls a day before his shoot with MTV. Gaurav told that due to the Raftaar’s ignorance he missed an amazing opportunity of his career. As Gaurav & his fans were quite excited about his performance at such a big platform to which he quotes…….





Bhai bol ke mai rishte aise todta ni sala
Par nasal inki aisi kasar chhodne ni wala
Jab chahu tab diwali jab chahu tab dhamaka
Jab chahe fate bomb meri praja bole Happy Diwala
Apko aur apke parivar ko..



Achha sun..
Sindoor se kheechenge red line
Aao zara baithe studio me dono
24 ghante deadline
Ek taraf tu, ek taraf mai hi mai
Maharaj ne udhed diya
Subah hogi headline
Aj se abhi se inhe dil se deleting
Meri mehnat ki kamayi se
Bhaijaa no cheating!