Night Lovell : A Glimpse Inside Canadian Hip-Hop Scene.

If you are into underground rap music, or if gangster music is all you listen to, then you really must have heard of the name Night Lovell. Born in Ottawa, Canada in 1997, Shermar Paul burst into the underground scene in 2014.


When his single “Dark Light” went viral. Paul says he got the inspiration for his stage name from his father’s middle name – Lovell and his love for the night-time.

Night Lovell’s Career in Underground Hip-Hop.

Night Lovell has always been about quality and has stuck to his vision of underground rap. Throughout his career, something that is rare these days, and for that very thing. He has a lot of faithful supporters. 

A lot of rappers deviate from their vision and end up directionless. But not Lovell, he’s been true to his roots. His music and lyrics have won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. 

Having released three albums till date, Lovell is destined for the top if he really chooses to go for the top, but knowing how he operates, he’s more likely to stay “underground” and work amongst his circle. Night raps to have fun, he raps for banter, he raps because he knows he’s got the skill and the flow. 


He’s been having thousand strong concerts every time he goes out on tour. Night Lovell produces his own music and his videos go in line with his lyrics. He is a true artist and he very well knows his strengths and pairs his deep vocals with equally deep electronic beats. 

Night Lovell has released three albums till date: Concept Vague (December 30, 2014), Red Teenage Melody (June 14, 2016) and GOODNIGHT LOVELL (February 22, 2019).


In the few years of his career, Night Lovell already boasts a cult following that he has built up all around the globe. If he keeps the bass booming and his lyrics in tandem with the bass, Lovell definitely looks set to be the undisputed king of the underground rap industry.


Life from being an Underdog to RAP GOD: EMINEM


Life from being an Underdog to RAP GOD: EMINEM

The 47-year-old EMINEM hitmaker. He was born as Marshall Bruce Mathers III in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Marshal spent most of his youth in the 8 Mile, Detroit city of Michigan. He started his journey with rap from the urban center. He suffered ‘discrimination’ because the solely human taking the stage at shows.


EMINEM would move constantly, meaning that he was constantly, being seen by his peer as the new kid in school. In short, he was an underdog story in the making from very early on. He has shared through interviews about being beaten up in bathrooms, in the hallways, shoved in lockers.

The Coma Trauma.

EMINEM was 9 when he got beaten up to such a degree, that he ended up in a coma for a week. Certainly not too surprising from who would become a vicious wordsmith widely known for attacking famous public figures. Considering that his dad moved away when he was very young.

EMINEM with his Dad.

Young Marshall Mathers had a crash course in standing up for himself & drawing strength from a personalized sense of righteousness. The best way that EMINEM found to do this was through rapping. This is what young EMINEM strove to do when confronted with constant bullying. He received all the while growing up in what were predominantly black low-income neighborhoods. He had done since the tender age of 4 & has continued to work hard on up until the present day. What we hear in raps is his time tested confidence from someone who does feel as though as he got something to say. He had worked hard to articulate what he wants to be carried across. He even claimes that he dropped out of high school because all he wanted to do was rap. So, it was far more than a hobby.

EMINEM knew that it was something he wanted to do for the rest of his foreseeable life. Rap was the new form of self-expression that actually brought him some respect in the social circle. It matured him before the eyes of other people his age. Eminem has become a hero of sorts for many young people, particularly in the lower class. Basically for those who feel that they aren’t being heard. They had to deal with the difficulties of growing up in a racist society.

EMINEM at the age of 16.

From Marshall Bruce Mathers III to EMINEM.

At the age of 17, he adopted the name, Eminem. It comes from the first letters of his first & last names. But he still had a very big problem. He couldn’t shake as far as his rapping ambitions went. The nearby hip-hop community refused to give him shots on account of the fairness of his skin tone.

EMINEM was forced to turn his talents towards becoming a battle rapper in the underground community. He uses to perform at all kinds of clubs & even local radio shows. By reinforcing an attitude that prevails to this day. He has to force his way through in order to receive recognition.


EMINEM’s New Album: Music to be murdered by SLIM SHADY is out now to stream it on Spotify. CLICK HERE

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