Desi Hip-Hop: Rappers in the Chandigarh Hip-Hop Scene.

Chandigarh is one of the first cities in India, Where Desi Hip-Hop’s moment was started in the Mid 2000s. Many youngsters from the city decided to take the steps that play a very crucial role in shaping up the future of the Desi Hip-Hop scene in the country.

The city has given us some of the greatest & talented rappers, who have been working every single day and night to maintain there reputation & legacy in the Desi Hip-HopHip scene since day one. :

Desi Hip-Hop: The rise of D Beam.

Desi Beam aka D-BEAM is one of the oldest crew in the Desi Hip-Hop scene. They have been active in the game since 2008 till the day. D-Beam has always been a cup of tea for a real rap head. The crew came in limelight after releasing there first rap song ”Main Haan Desi” including all five members of the crew. The song was very much praised by the rap fans as it was something new for them. Back then most of the youth were unaware of the genre (desi hip-hop). It was very much tough for people from the city to understand the genre of the song, most of the people use to compare it with the new age pop music.

Main Haan Desi was also featured on 9x Music, it uplifted the careers of the crew members as they earned a quite good reputation in the Desi Hip-Hop scene. The song is one of the major old school rap anthems which still has its own separate fanbase.


Member of the D-Beam family.


This guy is half Punjabi and half Bengali, was born, raised & brought up in Chandigarh, he is currently active in the desi hip-hop scene. MOJO is hardcore and fluent rapper in the scene. He raps in English as well as Punjabi; Last month he dropped an amazing hip-hop song titled ”Feel Like That” on D-Beam’s official YouTube Channel ”Desi Beam Music”………

G Freaky

G freaky is the Director, Editor as well as Video Grapher of the crew. He is also a freelance and a rapper too. He owns a Videography studio which is known by the name of the Ill heaven Productions.

Da Parv

Da Parv- He is the Music producer and the Dee Jay, he has done a lot of music production for the crew and has always been loyal to the crew as well as the desi hip-hop scene. he is one of the oldest and well-known music Producers in the Desi Hip-Hop scene.


Pardhaan- The only Haryanvi rapper in the Desi Hip-Hop scene. He is the Pioneer of Haryanvi rap scene in Haryana & all over India, he is from Karnal and former member of the Desi Beam. Pardhaan is now independently active in the Underground as well as the mainstream desi hip-hop scene. He is a great lyricist, no one can beat him in wordplay. Bhand hai, Haryana roadways. power peg are some of his greatest hits



Yung Honey aka GURU: he was the former member of the D-Beam, has been inactive in the desi hip-hop scene since 2015. His last song was ”Northside” feat. Desi Beam in which he talked about why he left raping


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