Desi Hip-Hop’s 5 most popular tracks from the Indian Hip-Hop in 2020 so far.

The Genre Desi Hip-Hop has reached all over India. Rap acts as a weapon against all the odds of society. Desi rap is an art of expressing our everyday life through poetry. Hip-Hop artists have gained worldwide fanbase.

The style of rapping, lyricism, talent is unique from others. It is the fastest-growing music genre in India. Artists from the country like India, Pakistan, Nepal & Bangladesh are dropping hip-hop/rap songs like nukes. Indian Mainstream & Underground Hip-Hop is on the 2nd place in the world after American Hip-Hop.

Desi Hip-Hop Origin & top 5 songs in 2020. Have a glance.

Desi Hip-Hop has its roots from Oakland, California. Roger David aka BOHEMIA alongside the J Hind invented the genre Desi Rap in the early 2000s. The songs released at the beginning of the year 2020. The Indian Rap artist had a great impact on pushing the Desi Rap genre in the country.

DESI HIP-HOP-Top-5-tracks-2020
BOHEMIA the guy who invented Desi Hip-Hop.

This list is based on lyricism, music production, flow, fans opinion & many more. Top 5 Desi Hip-Hop/Rap song from the Indian Rap scene in the year 2020. Desi Hip-Hop’s top 5 songs in 2020. Have a glance.

Sikander Kahlon: Munda Shokeen.

Desi Hip-Hop/Rap song Munda Shokeen has premiered on Feb 20, 2020, on Desi Hip-Hop’s official YouTube Channel. The song was very much appreciated by Punjabi Rap fans. The song also gained quite good popularity overseas.

DESI HIP-HOP-Top-5-tracks-2020
Desi Hip-Hop | Munda Shokeen | Sikander Kahlon.

Sikander kahlon is the vocalist & Lyricist of the song. Kahlon is a lyrical genius & a versatile rapper from Mohali, Chandigarh. Shokeen is the Music producer of the song. Alejandro is the man behind the Mix/Mastering of the song. Gagan Randhawa was the man behind the camera. TJ Creations edited the video of Munda Shokeen. The song has 50k plus views and over 4.5k likes on Youtube.

DESI HIP-HOP-Top-5-tracks-2020
DESI Hip-Hop.

KRSNA: Untitled.

KRSNA’s song Untitled is the call-out diss against his rival rapper MUHFAAD. Untitled is one of the most-streamed diss-track in the Indian Hip-Hop Scene. Rapper from all over the Delhi has shared this jewel.

Krsna wrote the lyrics and sung the song by himself. Danson is the music producer and Deep Kalsi has Mixed & Mastered the track. Shubh verma is the man behind shooting & editing the video of the song.

DESI HIP-HOP-Top-5-tracks-2020
Desi Hip-Hop | KRSNA | Untitled.

“Untitled” has 2.6 Million views & 97k+ likes on YouTube. The audio of the song is available on every digital platform for streaming. Untitled video was officially launched on KALAMKAAR Music’s YouTube.

CHAMPION – Parichay ft. Pardhaan, Raga, Haji Springer & Ace aka Mumbai.

Desi Hip-Hop has a lot of followers overseas. Champion is written & performed by all of the above artists respectively. Parichay feat. Pardhaan, Raga, Haji Springer & Ace aka Mumbai.

DESI HIP-HOP-Top-5-tracks-2020
Desi Hip-Hop | CHAMPION.

The music video was released on sony music. Champion gained 1.3 Million views on YouTube. The video is available on the Sony Music official YouTube Channel.

RAFTAAR – Aage Chal.

Raftaar’s new song Aage Chal is a brand song in the Indian Hip-Hop scene. Kalamkaar & Mobil India came together in collaboration & created this masterpiece for the Desi Rap fans throughout the globe.

DESI HIP-HOP-Top-5-tracks-2020
Desi Hip-Hop | Raftaar | Aage Chal.

Aage chal is available on Raftaar’s official YouTube Channel. It has over 40 Million views & 511k likes on YouTube.

MUHFAAD – Dussehra.

Dussehra is another diss track on our top five list. Muhfaad has written and performed the song on his own, when it comes to the music production Muhfaad collaborated with Kartavya.

DESI HIP-HOP-Top-5-tracks-2020
Desi Hip-Hop | Dussehra | MUHFAAD.

Audio Cabin has shot the video. The song have more than 850k views and 72k+ likes on YouTube.

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