Police-Wala-Rapper, G-ONE. J&K Police Viral Rapper cop in Indian Hip-Hop scene.

Police-Wala-Rapper aka Jeevan Kumar became a sensation only in the matter of a few days. But who is this rapper cop? Where does he come from? We’ll answer many such questions in this article. Meanwhile, I hope all of you are staying safe amidst the ongoing coronavirus scare. 


Jeevan Kumar, who is better known as the Police-Wala-Rapper, became a nationwide sensation in only a matter of a few days. He is a policeman from Jammu serving in the J&K Police Force. His video where he’s rapping in a parked car became viral instantly, and people from all over the country showed their appreciation.

Many established rappers in the industry, including Raftaar, praised Jeevan. The video was also featured on one of the most popular news networks in the country, Republic TV.

Jeevan Kumar aka G-One.

Everyone knows who Police-Wala-Rapper is, but no one knows who Jeevan Kumar is. Like most of us, Jeevan Kumar had humble beginnings, born into a middle-class family but had dreams of touching the sky. Jeevan was engulfed into rap music.

How Police-Wala-Rapper Biggest Inspiration in Desi Hip-Hop.

Bohemia was the inspiration for him, just like many of the rappers from the Indian subcontinent. Jeevan used to sing Bohemia’s songs in front of his friends for recreational purposes. Then, he started writing his own songs. Years went by, he still used to rap, but he never thought that this hobby of his would ever amount to anything.


When he grew older, the pressure was mounting on him. He needed to be the bread earner of the family as the responsibility was now on his shoulders. It was in this backdrop he joined the Jammu and Kashmir, Police Force.

However, even after entering the police force, he didn’t give up on his passion. In the daytime, he used to work and serve the country, and in the night, he served his inner desires.


He was working hard, day by day to achieve his dream. He worked on three problems simultaneously; providing for his family, serving his country and rapping.


G-ONE aka Jeevan’s road to Success.

One day, his friends asked Jeevan to rap in the car. Jeevan, as usual, didn’t hesitate and rapped his heart out. The best thing that could happen was that someone would record him, and that is exactly what happened.

The video was shared on most social media platforms, and it soon spread like wildfire. In a couple of days, the video has hundreds of thousands of views, and Jeevan became the Police-Wala-Rapper overnight. Even the IGP of J&K Police shared his video on his social media handles. This was one of the proudest moments for Jeevan.

Police-Wala-Rapper | G-ONE | JORDAN | FREESTYLE.

Since then, Police Wala Rapper has won many hearts all over the country and he has released one more rap video.

G-One aka Police-Wala-Rapper.

Police-Wala-Rapper’s Tribute to Indian Army Soliders.

In the second video, Police-Wala-Rapper raps about the time when he was serving in Kashmir and the troubles he faced there. G-one found himself against his fellow countrymen and brothers who are misguided by the political leaders. Jeevan believes through his music; he can share the troubles that a cop faces in a state like Jammu and Kashmir.

Police-Wala-Rapper aka G-One tribute to the INDIAN ARMY.

Though his story might sound like a fairytale, but it was not always smooth sailing. He had to struggle and work his butt off to be where he is today. Police Wala Rapper aka Jeevan Kumar is a living example that nothing is impossible, you can achieve your dreams if you keep on working on them. We’ll be back with many mind boggling stories of people that are not so famous. Stay tuned.

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