Seedhe Maut, The Duo From Delhi Hip-Hop Scene.

Seedhe Maut means “straight Death” is a Rap crew from Delhi Hip-Hop. The duo is very much famous among the real Desi Hip-Hop heads. If you are one of a kind, It’s not a big deal you must have heard about them.

Seedhe Maut-Desi_Hip_Hop-DELHI_HIPHOP
SEEDHE MAUT’s Calm & Encore.

In recent years, Rap and Desi Hip-Hop have become increasingly popular. Underground Hip-Hop is gaining momentum in India.

SeedheMaut’s first step in the Indian Underground Hip-Hop.

SEEDHE MAUT is a Rap Duo From New Delhi. In the past few years, numerous rappers have sprung our, each with a unique style and persona.

The Internet is a wonderful tool for artists. Any talented person can showcase his talent to the world. The cheap availability of the internet is the primary reason for the widespread popularity of underground artists.

Seedhe Maut’s Introduction & Discography.

In the backdrop of all this, two young men from Delhi came together to form one of the most influential rap groups of India. These two people are Calm, and Encore ABJ and the group they formed goes by the name of Seedhe Maut.

Seedhe Maut-Desi_Hip_Hop-DELHI_HIPHOP
SEEDHE MAUT’s 2 ka Pahada.

Seedhe Maut, which roughly means “straight death” in English, is active in the rap culture since early 2015-16. The group released their first mixtape/EP named 2 Ka Pahada, which was an instant success. They followed it up with a full-length album called Bayaan. Apart from this, they have also released many singles like Shaktimaan and Seedhe Maut Anthem.

Seedhe Maut’s Collaborations.

They have frequently collaborated with Sez on the beat and released innumerable hits with him. Currently, the duo is signed by Azadi records, which is owned by Mo Joshi.


Their songs cover a wide variety of themes. The thing that differentiates them from others is that they use Hip-Hop to depict the everyday problems faced by the common man.

In only a couple of years, Duo has managed to garner the support of a loyal fan base that follows them around wherever they go. Their fans adore their style and the unique themes covered in their songs.

Seedhe Maut’s Early Life.

The two rappers from Encore and Calm, they both had humble beginnings. They both come from middle-class Indian families and faced constant societal pressure to succeed in academics.

Seedhe Maut-Desi_Hip_Hop-DELHI_HIPHOP
Seedhe Maut Official Logo.

Despite being good students in their school years, they always knew that their careers would not be built on their education. Hip-Hop was in their blood, and it was calling to them. After going to college, both of them started pursuing Hip-Hop rigorously.

Delhi Hip-Hop Underdogs.


Calm aka Siddhant Sharma is a son of 2 academicians; his parents are renowned Principals and comes from Rohini, Delhi. You can imagine the pressure he must’ve faced, to be the child of a principal.

Teachers expect their children to be smart, more so when they are such highly qualified teachers.

Schoolmates used to hate him as everyone believed his parents must do him favors when it comes to schooling. It was only when he joined college; he began pursuing his dreams.

Seedhe maut | Encore Abj.


Encore Abj aka Abhijay Negi hails from Mayur Vihar, Delhi, otherwise known as “Jamna Paar” and is an engineer by Degree. There was a time when his studies were suffering, and he had a pile of backlogs. It was becoming a struggle to manage both Desi Hip-Hop and academic life, but in the end, he managed to do it all. Now he is an established artist and an engineer.

Seedhe Maut-Desi_Hip_Hop-DELHI_HIPHOP

Both of these individuals faced a lot of hardships throughout their lives. They were bullied, they failed in their studies often, and they ended up disappointing a lot of people. But still, they did not give.

Seedhe Maut-Desi_Hip_Hop-DELHI_HIPHOP
Seedhe Maut Encore Abj & Calm

They did not let their dream die, and in the end, they achieved it. From failing in their academics to become a rap sensation, Seedhe Maut has come a long way.

This shows that conviction and hard-work can accomplish any task. You can also do the same. You just need to keep going towards your dream.

LISTEN TO THE NEW ALBUM ”BAYAAN” By Seedhe Maut on spotify


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